Sunday, 14 December 2014

The HI-Strung Downers - Here She Lies 2014

Alberta ,Canada  may not have a large rockabilly scene but it has and still produces  a whack of top flight bands.The latest impressive band to emerge is  The HI-Strung Downers ,these kats play "greasy" rockabilly/rock n roll and have a rep as a killer band.It also doesn't hurt having a ton of pedigree too boot in a band.  That said The HI-Strung Downers debut album "Here She Lies" is pretty kool rockabilly that is full of female troubles ,heart break and attitude.In other words taking out the trash, in more ways than one and getting on with life(you gotta like that). This bad boy slides in with  9 tracks of damn good and catchy rockabilly/rock n roll .Highlights include: "Why Baby, Why, Why, Why?", " 28 Hours","Wasting My Time" and "She Has to Go". 
         The HI-Strung Downers are a band in which all 4 members not only write material  but also can sing lead  and as a result "Here She Lies" manages to sound a bit refreshing and diverse from start to finish. Hell Brent Cooper ( of the Ramblin’ Ambassadors) produced this baby so you know it's good ! Recommended! 

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