Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nathan Harris - To the Woods 2014

Back in 2010 Nathan Harris and a couple of buddy's formed a band called The Avery Wolves. What really separated them from the pack was that  they were pretty damn good and oh they are  a psychobilly band  from Alaska. You just know that's gotta be a tough place for a psychobilly band too come out of.In 2012 the band released the  mighty fine Ep "Wreckin with the Wolves”. When the band went on hiatus during 2013(their now back) ,Nathan started working on a solo album  and the result is the impressive" To the Woods". This puppy rushes in with 9 kool and original tracks that really deliver the goods.For the most part this is pretty solid psychobilly  that at times  leans towards the horror angle.But I have to say this one album that isn't dragged down by that. Highlights include: " Voodoo House Rise", "In Cuffs Again' ,"Born in Black" and the tittle track "To the Woods".
      Overall  "To the Woods " is a consistent,strong and fresh  album  that shouldn't go unnoticed .Hell this will appeal to more than just the billy crowd ,it's a hard rockin' disc that really pays off. Recommended

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