Saturday, 25 January 2014

Danny Duke & The Northern Stars - Drinkin' Not Jivin' 2013

Self described as "three old farts and a kid that play rockabilly" may not be far off the truth but those "old farts" bring a ton of pedigree to the table. Danny Duke & The Northern Stars  is nothing short of an all-star band with members from The Alley Dukes,The Rockin' Bones,Cats N' Crows and The Gutter Demons Since forming in the summer of 2012 this Montreal outfit has been knocking them dead  and have firmly established themselves as a must see band. Late last year the band went into the studio to record a debut ep but came out with their debut album instead. Drinkin' Not Jivin' strolls in with 12 kool and solid tracks of rockabilly.This is a pretty impressive package with some great covers mixed in with equally strong originals.Highlights include:  "Baby You Oughta Know", "Drinkin' Not Jivin', "Cold Feet" and "Long Gone Fool".
        With all the talent in this band you just know that expectations would be high  and it's safe to say that Danny Duke & The Northern Stars have more than delivered with Drinkin' Not Jivin' .This is one puppy that gets better every time you play it .Recommended!

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